The Sage Services Group developed incident (positive and negative) reporting tools for supervisors and workers to monitor and report performance in Radiation Safety and Chemistry.  The tools included forms, a tracking database, trending reports, and performance metrics, which aligned with the organizational goals.

We developed a Preventive maintenance Tracking Program for the Maintenance Organization.  Created the “is-map” to determine the current state, identify missing stakeholders, and process bottlenecks.  Then facilitated the development of a new program with the appropriate procedures and training for implementation.  Within a few months the new program was identifying the need to adjust preventive maintenance on several components and providing real time data to senior management.

Sage Services Group led cross-functional team in the development of a site wide Control Room Habitability program to support a Nuclear Regulatory Commission generic concern.  All planned work and 100% of all fly-up activities completed on time and within designated budget.  Project resulted in the development of new process controls and training programs for plant operators, design and systems engineers and maintenance staff.

Sage Services Group developed a unified, site-wide self-assessment program through restructuring nearly 20 programmatic level governing procedures, developing standard performance indicators, and implementing a new consolidated, site wide database. We developed and implemented training and communications strategies for changes to the site program.

Sage Services Group also facilitated a cross-functional team to evaluate plant trips with Loss of Normal Heat Removal (LONHR) . This evaluation resulted in changes to processes for plant and control room operations, increased use of reliability engineering tools, and center wide training.